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I am a collared submissive woman who always have been interested in bondage. I am happy to be trained by my Owner. I like so much to feel the pressure of the ropes become more and more intense : I like to lose control bit by bit. I love my body being pushed over its limits, feeling my breast compressed, my breathing becoming more and more difficult.

I am here to share about this way of life : I have an inquiring and insatiable mind – I am looking forward to exchange with you.

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Perversion : roman érotique disponible sur Amazon #Kindle : http://goo.gl/QSyPTD


Rope : Chimuo Nureki 
Model : Youri Sunohara



(Del lat. immersĭo, -ōnis).

2. f. Acción de introducir o introducirse plenamente alguien en un ambiente determinado.


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As DPR was saying … Have a nice day!


back in 2005 : my second photo session with Anaïs … bondage session in lingerie and nylons :) every cool adventure has a beginning.

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