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I am a collared submissive woman who always have been interested in bondage. I am happy to be trained by my Owner. I like so much to feel the pressure of the ropes become more and more intense : I like to lose control bit by bit. I love my body being pushed over its limits, feeling my breast compressed, my breathing becoming more and more difficult.

I am here to share about this way of life : I have an inquiring and insatiable mind – I am looking forward to exchange with you.



Faustine - photography by Jerome G. / www.ilovefrenchgirls.com


Well, this is certainly unconventional. What a horribly delightful way to make a point.

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· bondage · ball gag · bdsm · rope · nipple clamps ·

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- Tim Rosier - Delta Photography

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If a pet is to misbehave, she shall be held like this until she is deemed worthy to move. If she struggles, the time restrained will be increased. If she complains, physical punishment in the form of whipping, spanking or flogging shall take place also. 

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